Columbus 7 BV: the Summa cum Laude Dutch-English legal translation service.

Founded in 2006, Columbus 7 BV is a specialised legal translation agency supplying leading Dutch and international law firms and their clients with Dutch-English translations.

Our legal translations set the standard in multi-jurisdiction litigation, both in arbitral proceedings and before State courts.

Areas where we have worked

We want our clients to choose us, and to continue choosing us, for the reliability and excellence of our translations: the right balance between fidelity to the Dutch and clarity in English.

Over the past years the complex areas of law in which Columbus 7 BV has worked include:

  • Supreme Court (cassatie) actions in civil and administrative law (both judgments and A-G opinions)
  • (Multi-jurisdiction) applications to state courts to set aside arbitral awards
  • Arbitration-related applications for anti-suit or enforcement injunctions
  • Litigation linked to the Energy Charter Treaty/oil, gas and energy litigation
  • Media-related litigation
  • Finance, banking and insurance
  • Dutch WCOD actions/related class actions
  • Enterprise Chamber proceedings
  • Beneficial ownership (tax law)
  • Translations of excerpts from Asser
  • Comparisons between old and new Dutch arbitration law
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  • Contract termination for unforeseen circumstance (“frustration"?)
  • Competition law

Columbus 7 BV’s translations are summa cum laude translations. Its managing director holds a recent (2013) First Class LLB degree from the Open University (UK). A UK first class degree is generally taken as equivalent to a summa cum laude degree awarded by a Dutch university.

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Columbus 7 BV does not work with outsiders. Columbus 7 BV puts quality before scale. Major international litigation requires translations done by professionals with the right academic training, expertise and years of experience. Columbus 7 BV has a track record of proven quality. We firmly intend our translations to stay that way.

Meet the Team


John Alexander


Judi Haynes-Smart

Meet the Team

Columbus 7 BV has a strong balance sheet: with a conservative dividend distribution policy, no debts to financial institutions and no outside investors it is financially robust. Continuity of service to clients is assured.

Our History

Our Approach

Columbus 7 BV only works with qualified translators.

Our starting point is the skilled, human translator who, in the light of his or her knowledge and discretion, uses computer tools to arrive at a faithful, clear and reliable translation.

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