Getting all the details right

Columbus 7 BV is a specialised translation bureau serving corporate clients. With quality as its motto, Columbus 7 works exclusively in the areas of expertise it knows best: law, contracts, finance, commercial, marketing, real estate and facilities management. Columbus 7 works from Dutch, French and German into English.

All translations supplied by Columbus 7 go through four separate checks:

  • terminological consistency
  • spelling
  • proof-reading and layout
  • an aural read-through of the entire translation checking it against the original source text

Corporate clients want a reliable translation delivered on time and must be able to trust its quality. Columbus 7 takes pride in its work and the longevity of its customer base.

Special offer

Interested? Try us. We offer you a 15% price reduction off our usual rate. This offer is limited to new clients and limited to the first 1500 words. Call us now on +31 (0)20 423 05 68 or e-mail us on


Columbus 7 was founded by John Alexander. John is English by birth, upbringing and nationality. Backed by serious professional qualifications, such as an INSEAD degree, Columbus 7 provides confident, fluent translations in complex areas where specialist expertise is needed.

The story

Columbus 7′s story goes back to 2001, the year it was founded. The story that provided Columbus 7 its name however, goes back more than 500 years…